Mark Robinson (Senior Pastor)

Bruce A. Hess (Teaching Pastor)

Greg Hill (Worship Pastor)

John Abernethy (Care Pastor)

Kevin Bradford (Global Outreach Director)

Brian Hayes (Pastor of Adult Ministries)

Carley Choate (Local Outreach Director)

Jen Cochell (Adult Ministry Administrative Assistant)

Kevin Choate (College Pastor)

Naomi Reyes (College Associate)

Sherri Smittle (Adult Ministry Administrative Associate)

Abe Mahner (Student Pastor)

Ciera Morren (Student Ministry Associate)

Brooke Harrison (Children’s Pastor)

Melanie Gladhill (Mid-Week Ministries Director)

Jolie Williams (Early Childhood Director)

Melanie McCollum
(Children’s Ministry Director of Communication & Guest Services)

Emily Grave (Special Needs Director)

Lessye Cam (Elementary Director)

Herschel Thompson (Church Adminstrator)

Lindsey Henley (Office Administrative Assistant)

Rebekah Key (Ministry Assistant)

Garry Krueger (Facilities Director)

Braden Middleton (Facilities Assistant)

Chanae Abernethy (Student Ministry Intern)

Ryan Eshelman

Joel Green

Jeff Harwell

Bruce Hess

Brian Hopper

Phil Kemp

Mark Robinson

Wayne Russell

Travis Thomas

David Williams