Wildwood is FOR the Nations following JESUS together

to the glory of God!

One of the reasons Wildwood exists is to further the influence of God’s kingdom authority in places outside of Norman. Whether one looks at countless Biblical passages or the morning newspaper, it is clear that there is much still to be done. Wildwood has a Global Outreach (GO) Team that seeks to mobilize its members to train, go, care, and welcome in the name of Jesus Christ.

Mobilize.  At the heart of the term “mission” is the idea of “sending.” For Wildwood to become an effective sending body, its members must be made aware of God’s global purposes as revealed in His word, as well as specific opportunities to engage those purposes in our generation.

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Train.  Wildwood serving as a “sending church” implies that some of its members will become “sent ones.” Even though this process begins with God Himself providing a special conviction or calling–as well as continual empowerment–the body of Christ can be a great source of encouragement and guidance. The GO team seeks to work with individuals of all ages to focus their direction, develop their talents and gifting, and refine their sense of what is essential for ministry as opposed to merely cultural.

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Go. World Outreach, obviously, includes “going” to people and places in need of the gospel and the light of Christ. If your primary desire is to serve as a “goer,” check out one of the many short-term trips, both foreign and domestic, that the church plans each year. Wildwood also seeks to provide assistance to regular attenders who are considering projects of longer duration.

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Care. Even after being sent out, long-term missionaries have special needs in order to remain effective. The particular field or work may exact a physical, emotional, or financial strain on themselves or their family. The time away from Norman often means that they need to work extra hard to reconnect with the body. The GO team seeks to promote ongoing prayer, encouragement, and specific help for each of the missionaries sent out by the church.

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At times a visiting missionary has special needs which we do not face. It is not uncommon for these families to spend two or three weeks on the road. But what if a car begins acting up, or a toothache takes a turn for the worse–where do you turn? Some missionaries are well connected to friends who can help; but others have been out of town so long that they don’t know who to turn to, or perhaps feel constrained by not wanting to impose. The GO team encourages you to sign up for the 3J Network, a directory of services and goods which are available to our ministry partners, either freely or at a discounted rate.

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Welcome. We live in a community that is a destination for many people from around the world. Whether they are students or staff at OU, or have come for another reason, Wildwood wants to extend a heartfelt “Welcome!” We encourage members of the church to participate in a number of community and faith-based programs designed to provide practical assistance, orientation, and/or spiritual counsel to our international friends.

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