Wildwood’s Special Needs Program

The Purpose of Our Special Needs Ministry

Wildwood is FOR children worshiping Jesus together to the glory of God.

We believe that God loves and cares for all children, and we will do everything we can to support this mission of supporting and equipping ALL children in worshiping Jesus together to the glory of God.

The purpose of Wildwood’s special needs ministry is to facilitate inclusion inside the life of the church for the individual with additional needs and for their family.

In support of our broader church mission, the goals of the special needs ministry are to lead families affected by unique needs into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

How Does Special Needs Ministry Work?

Our Special Needs Director will work with your family to determine the most effective way to help your child worship God. Some children work well with a Buddy in a typical classroom. Other children feel more comfortable in our Special Needs classroom, called One to One.

Our Classroom: “One to One”

Our Special Needs Class meets in the One to One room, downstairs in the Children’s Building. This classroom is equipped with gel lap pads (these help engage the kids while we teach), a trampoline, a crash pad, a fidget box and a visual schedule along with other visual supports.

In addition to the specialized equipment, the volunteers working in this classroom have been trained on how to serve our children with special needs.

Our staff works closely with the families in developing activities and lesson preparation that best fits each child’s individual needs.

When Does the Special Needs Class Meet?

This class meets during the 9:45 service on Sundays. All children enrolled in this program must complete paperwork prior to starting. Stop by the Children’s Welcome Desk to find out more, or contact us at 405-329-3939 for more information on our special needs ministry.

Who to contact?

We would love to talk to you if you believe Special Needs Ministry might be helpful for your family. We will work with you to find the best solutions for your child’s unique needs. Email Emily here or call the office at (405)329-3939. On Sunday mornings, simply stop by the Welcome Desk in the Children’s Building.

Emily Grave

Special Needs Director

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