Sneak Peek Sunday October 5

Sneak Peek Sunday October 5th

Can you feel it??  You mean, the chill in the air signaling that fall is finally here?  That’s cool, but No.  Rather, can you sense the excitement as we launch a new series this Sunday entitled Seeds: The Acts of Jesus Through the Church?

If you haven’t yet been able to view the series promo (thanks to Scott Hodgson and JT Harris for their work) you can catch it at this link: promo

Acts is a greatly misunderstood part of the New Testament, so our journey into it is both important and compelling. The title for this week’s message is “The Great Transition.”  Change is always challenging and it certainly was for the disciples.  Don’t miss it!

Be sure to take time to pray for at least one other person today.

See you on Sunday!



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