Sneak Peek September 21

Sneak Peek Sunday September 21st

This Sunday we will be concluding our three part series entitled, “Current:  Navigating the Waters of Today’s Same Sex Culture.”  Remember, this has been “one message” over three weeks.  If you have missed either of the first two, please be sure to check our audio and video links at for the previous talks…otherwise you will only hear half the message!

This week we will be emphasizing the “So what do we do now?” question.  You can’t miss this!!  Also, you will hear about how to access a Resource Sheet we’ve put together on this subject that lays out written, audio, and video resources that offer hope both to people with SSA (same sex attraction) experiences and to those who want to minister more capably.  All of this helps us to more effectively be a  “Grace and Truth” church.

Just one other reminder, we are in a period of the affirmation of Elders for the Wildwood church family.  Please visit between now and Sunday for more information and to join in the process.

I love serving with you!  See you on Sunday!


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