Questions – Sunday Oct 5

Questions for Reflection

Seeds — “The Great Transition”   Acts 1:1-26

As reflect on your recent past, when you heard the Book of Acts mentioned previously, what (if anything) came to your mind?

Compare Luke 24:45-53 and Acts 1:1-11.  What similarities do you observe?

What is the significance that Jesus’ mother Mary had no leading role in the early church and isn’t mentioned by name after Acts 1:14?

Someone tells you, the Bible contradicts itself and they point to Matthew 27:3-10 and Acts 1:16-20?  How would you respond?

What evidence is cited of Jesus’ resurrection in Acts 1:3 and 1 Corinthians 15:3-10?

Luke tells the story of the disciples filling the vacancy in “the 12” and Matthias was chosen.  How was God’s will discerned?  Why isn’t this practice repeated later in Acts or even in the rest of the New Testament?

When Matthias was chosen that obviously that meant that Barsabbas was not picked.  How do you suppose he felt?  Rejected?  Jealous?  Angry?  Discuss.

Perhaps, on the other hand, Barsabbas was content to serve in another capacity.  One of the best indicators of our character is when we get passed over for what we perceive to be a prominent place of service.  In times like those our true beliefs and motives come into view.  If we respond by feeling cheated, becoming petty, or critical we may well be serving with the wrong motives.  If we trust that God is in control and volunteer with a glad heart to serve elsewhere, it likely indicates we are on the right track.  Wrestle with this question:  Am I more concerned that God be served, or that I get recognition?                         [derived from Life Application Commentary on Acts, p.19)


Take some time to Praise God for His mercy and grace, and for the death and resurrection of Jesus.

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