Questions – Message September 21

Questions for Reflection

“Current” Series, Part 3

We mentioned Matthew 19:12 is a passage used by some to demonstrate that Jesus/the Bible approves of homosexuality.  Make a list of any other passages or bible stories you’ve seen used in this way.

Why do you think many believers are so reluctant to engage both those who may be same sex attracted and even those who are openly pursuing a homosexual lifestyle?

Using a “Show and Tell” approach in relating to folks who experience same sex attraction, what practical ways can we communicate that we love and care for them?  List as many as you can.

“Predisposition does not mean predestination.”  Explain what that means to someone facing same sex attraction issues.

Hebrews 13:4 declares, “Let marriage be held in honor among all.”  Practically, what does this mean for Christ-followers? How can we value and guard marriage? Be specific.

Is it truly important for Christ followers to speak up defending the classic definition of marriage as designed by God?  Why or why not?

Some in the today’s millennial generation feel that their specific calling in American’s quest toward “freedom for all” entails fighting for homosexual civil rights in the arena of marriage.  How could we/should we respond to this notion?

If one of the perils awaiting us downstream in today’s same-sex current is the potential loss of freedom…what ramifications will this have for the local church?  How can we be best prepared individually and as a church?

Be sure to take full advantage of the Resource Sheet info to further equip us to better understand and minister to those who battle same sex attraction issues ( There is hope for victory!

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