Wildwood’s Outreach Partners

The long-term missionaries and national leaders that the church currently supports include:

Jeff B. Living in Orlando, FL and serving with the Jesus Filmdivision of Cru, Jeff helps equip hundreds of staff and others with the latest resources as they share the Gospel with others around the world.

Matt & Elizabeth B. Evangelizing and discipling university students in northern Italy with Cru.

Bryce Bouchard Bryce lives in Norman and serves the nationwide collegiate ministry of the Navigators by leading the Noblemen ministry.

Barbara Boyd Serving with the Navigators in Norman.

Kevin & Becca Bradford – Residing in Norman with ongoing ministry in Brazil with Commission to Every Nation (CTEN). There they seek to mobilize Brazilian Christians and local churches to embrace missions, and train leaders in partnership with Dallas Theological Seminary.

Tim BrassfieldServing with YoungLife in Norman.

David & Jill Brown – Providing counseling and pastoral care for workers with The Navigators. The Brown’s reside in Colorado Springs, CO.

Ali Clayborn Ali lives in Norman and serves with StuMo at OU.

Phil & Marianne Chain – Serving in various locations with Mexico Missions, which they founded. Their focus is evangelism, church planting, and pastor training.

Craig Combs – Serving with VISA (Visiting International Students Assistance) at OU.

A.C. Evangelizing and discipling university students in West Asia with Cru.

R.E. & M.E. Serving in West Asia as the business administrator for an exportation company and seeking to evangelize their neighbors and friends.

Justin & Sarah Ferguson – Justin & Sarah live in Norman and serve with StuMo at OU.

John & Shannon Fitzgerald Serving in Virginia where John provides leadership to the military ministry of the Navigators.

R.F. & H.F. Coordinating Bible translation for minority peoples in Asia.

Chris & Laurie Goree Chris serves as President of Entrust, which provides Biblical training to emerging church leaders in lesser-reached countries. Laurie serves Entrust as an organizational strategist.

S.H. & C.H. Serving in the Middle East with a non-profit while engaging in Bible translation and outreach.

Kermit & Cheryl H. Serving in France with Greenhouse in Paris with a focus on the evangelism of French in a culturally relevant manner.

Chris & Evie Jones Serving with Ethnos360 in Papua New Guinea among the Pei tribe. While the entire family shines as the light of Jesus in pointing people to the Gospel, Chris is also engaged in translating the Scriptures into the native language.

M.L. Evangelizing and discipling young people in Japan.

Preston List Reaching out to and discipling students at Oklahoma State (Stillwater) with StuMo.

Zac & Jennifer Malthaner Church planting with an emphasis on evangelism and discipleship in Amealco, Mexico (northwest of Mexico City) with Avant Ministries.

K.M. Serving as a team leader with Pioneers in Eastern Europe.

Richard & Yolanda Oliveira Richard serves as the director for the Word of Life Bible Institute in Hungary, where Yolanda also teaches.

Chris & Anna Pratt Living in Orlando, FL and providing leadership for Cru, including the “Destino project” which seeks to mobilize Latinos for missions.

J.S. & J.S. – Serving with CCI, and reaching out to residents of a large city in the Middle East.

Jacob & Karina Starnes – Serving with Stoneworks International in Romania with a focus on church planting among ethnic Hungarians.

Jamie Stevens Serving on staff with Cru at OU.

Talis Talbergs – Founder and director of Latvian Christian Radio (LKR).

J.W. & A.W. Leading an effort to start campus ministries in East Asia with Cru.

K.W. Serving with Pioneers in Eastern Europe and reaching out to non-Christians with the Good News.