In the Fall and Spring semesters, College Life gathers on Tuesday nights for teaching and worship. Join us for gospel-centered teaching through a book of the Bible and for contemporary worship. We love creating a space for college-aged students to worship together every Tuesday night! Join us!


When do you meet? Tuesday nights at 8pm

Where do you meet? Downstairs in the Fellowship Center at Wildwood Community Church (1501 24th Ave NE Norman, OK 73071)

What do you teach? We love the Bible! We believe that the Bible is the absolute Truth from God and we prioritize Bible-centered preaching in our gathering. Our College Pastor walks through a book of the Bible over the course of a semester and looks at how we can walk in this Truth daily.


We believe life is better when you do it in community. The goal of joining a small group is to grow in your walk with Jesus through the study of Scripture with people who will support and encourage you.  This is a core element of how we do community as a college ministry!


When do Groups meet? Weeknights

Where do Groups meet? Dorms, fraternities, sororities, apartments, and wherever people gather.  We meet at a bunch of different locations and times to fit as many people’s schedules as possible!

What will my Group study? Our groups study the Bible chapter-by-chapter. We believe in the transformative power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the gospel is known through the Word of God. Every semester we go through a different Book of the Bible as we seek to grow in our understanding of who God is, what He has done, and what He is continuing to do today. Join us!

Do I have to be an OU student to participate in a group? No. Our vision is for every college student at Wildwood to be a part of a small group bible study. While our groups do meet on-campus at OU, they are open to all students. We would love to get you plugged in to one of our groups no matter where you attend classes.

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