Men, let’s grow spiritually in June & July by investing time in studying God’s Word and seeking to apply it to our lives!

Summer Men’s Bible Study – Colossians & Philemon

“Christians have a lifelong goal: to become like Christ. The more you know of God’s purposes for you, the more you can experience His joy and participate in His plan. The LifeChange Series of Bible studies on books of the Bible can help you grow in Christlikeness through a life-changing encounter with God’s Word. You’ll benefit in these important ways: 1) You’ll gain a firm understanding of the book: its historical context, purpose, structure, and meaning; 2) You’ll apply its powerful, relevant wisdom to the needs and issues you are currently working through; and 3) You’ll acquire personal study skills and a thirst to return to the book on your own so you can keep going deeper into its life-transforming truths.”

Two crises in the city of Colossae send visitors to the Apostle Paul in prison. First, an old friend brings news that false teachers are belittling Christ, laying down rules, and boasting of secret knowledge beyond the gospel. Then, a runaway slave begs Paul to ask his Christian master for mercy. The letters the Spirit writes through Paul (Colossians & Philemon) to handle these dilemmas are foundational for understanding Christ and His work in us!

Join us for our all-church Men’s Summer Bible Study:

  • 7 Wednesday evenings, June 12 through July 31 (no meeting on July 3)
  • 7:00-8:30 pm in Room 5 at Wildwood
  • Men high school age and up are welcome; as are your friends/neighbors
  • Large group teaching time and small group breakouts for discussion and encouragement on how to apply our homework 
  • The goals of Men’s Bible Study are: to be transformed, have a daily, personal Bible study time at home & meet in community to discuss our living out the truth as men
  • $10 study guide fee – to be paid online when you register (financial assistance available)