Wildwood’s Global Outreach Vision

Christians have the incredible privilege of not just knowing God personally, but also serving Him. He is sovereign, but nonetheless equips us to serve Him, while simultaneously providing us with opportunities to further His work.

Part of the “Big Picture” service of the Church is to see His Kingdom expand in influence in our own community and throughout the world. This takes place as lives are transformed through encounters with the risen Lord Jesus, both trusting in Him for salvation and growing in likeness to Him through the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

Purpose of Wildwood’s Outreach Ministry

The purpose of Wildwood’s Outreach Ministry is to mobilize the church to connect people to a life transforming relationship with Jesus.

Strategy Structure

To see our world transformed by Jesus, Wildwood people will be:

  • Gospel centered
  • Grace giving
  • Globally minded

Wildwood’s outreach ministry will attempt to make these values normative in the lives of Wildwood people by:

  • Partnering with missionaries and organizations locally and internationally
  • Programming strategic projects locally and internationally
  • Personally equipping people to live on mission with Jesus according to their divine design and spiritual gifts