Navigating Through Today’s Same Sex Culture – Resources

Resource list compiled by Bruce A. Hess

Books — General

  • Love Thy Body – Nancy Pearcey:  A detailed evaluation of today’s prominent culture view of sexuality.  She traces its roots to Darwinism (replacing a loving Creator with aimlessness & purposelessness).  The ultimate result is the catastrophic loss of the truth that our bodies & sex are a designed gift from God.

Books — Same Sex Issues

Local Counseling Resource


  • Video Testimonies—Men, click here
  • Video Testimonies—Women, click here
  • Video Testimonies—Men, Women, Friends & Family, Wives and Ministers, click here

Helpful Web Sites

Written Testimonies of Victory in Christ

  • Stephen Black’s story (President of First Stone, OKC), click here.
  • Dennis Jernigan’s story, click here.

Books — on The Bible and Homosexuality


  • Finding freedom from habitual sin, click here.
  • Other written resources addressing female same sex attraction, click here.
  • Other written resources addressing male same sex attraction, click here.


  • A good place to start…the informative film – In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender & Sexuality.
    -may be too mature for children
    -can be streamed for free (by submitting your email address) at
    -DVD can be purchased at

Transgenderism Websites/DVD’s

Transgenderism Books

Below are the videos from the three part sermon series “Current” that Pastor Bruce Hess preached in the fall of 2014 at Wildwood on the topic of Same Sex attraction and Same Sex Marriage:

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