4 Ways to Join a Small Group @ Wildwood

1.  Small Group Sunday

Small Group Sundays are seasonal events that happen here at Wildwood. It targets individuals and couples who are currently not connected to Group Life, but would like to be.  This is a great time to explore what a small group is all about and how to plug into a small group.

 2.  Starting Point Class

Starting Point is the first step to take if you want to get connected. It is for those who are new to the church, want to get involved, or simply want to know more about Wildwood. Within the 4-week membership class, we explore the key truths of the Christian faith and unpack the mission and vision of Wildwood.  During this class, participants will be introduced to small groups at Wildwood .  Starting Point Classes run during February, April, September and November during the 9:45 am service in Room 4.  No sign up needed.

3. Visit a Sunday Morning Group (at 9:45am or 11am)

Sunday Morning Groups meet weekly on Sunday mornings for the purpose of fellowship and Bible Study. These medium sized adult groups are generally organized around various life stages or topics. Feel free to come to these groups any time!

4. Submit Contact Form

We would love to connect with you regarding small groups or any other questions you might have regarding Wildwood.  Fill out our contact form and a pastor or staff member will contact you.

Small Groups @ Wildwood

Small groups are an integral part of what we do as a church.  We believe that sustained life change occurs as we are growing in a relationship with Christ, and this happens best when we are prioritizing intentional relationships with others who are seeking this same goal.   Small Groups provide people with the opportunity to connect with others, grow in their relationship with Christ & experience community.  Our Small Group leaders create environments for people to develop and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Paul taught the Corinthians that some plant the seeds, others water them, but God makes them grow (1 Corinthians 3:6).  Group leaders have the privilege of creating environments in which seeds of faith are planted & watered in the lives of those they lead, while trusting God with the growth.  Our leaders play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!

Defining A Small Group

Small groups are environments of 6-16 people who gather weekly or bi-weekly for the purpose of spiritual growth within a community consisting of fellowship, prayer and the conversational study of God’s Word.

Small Group Values & Goals

While prayer and discussion of curriculum are key elements, the driving force behind the group is the building of relationships.

The atmosphere should encourage openness & transparency among members.  This is an environment where people should feel free to be themselves.

For authenticity to occur, members must be able to trust that issues discussed within the group will not be shared outside the group.

Group members should never say anything that will embarrass their spouses or other members of the group.

A primary responsibility of the group is to prioritize for specific relationships.  This requires a willingness to be available to meet one another’s needs.

Group members recognize that one of the goals of their group is to start a new group within the life cycle of the group.  This allows others to experience the Small Group relationship.