Wildwood’s Global Partners

The long-term missionaries and national leaders that the church currently supports include:

Jeff B. (supported by Wildwood since 1995) Living in Orlando, FL and serving with the Jesus Film division of Cru. Jeff promotes evangelism among unreached people groups around the world through short-term teams using the Jesus film, English classes, etc. (Adopted by the Foundations class.)

Kevin & Becca Bradford (1989) Residing in Norman with ongoing ministry in Brazil with Commission to Every Nation (CTEN). There they work with Perspectivas to mobilize Brazilian Christians and local churches to embrace missions.

David & Jill Brown (2009) Providing counseling and pastoral care for workers with The Navigators. The Brown’s reside in Colorado Springs, CO. (Adopted by Family Fellowship.)

Phil & Marianne Chain (1992) Serving in various locations with Mexico Missions, which they founded. Their focus is evangelism, church planting, and pastor training.

R.E. & M.E. (2010) Serving in Central Asia as the business administrator for an exportation company and seeking to evangelize their neighbors and friends. (Adopted by the Connections class.)

John & Shannon Fitzgerald (2002) Providing leadership for the Mid-Atlantic collegiate evangelism and discipleship ministries of The Navigators. (Adopted by Family Fellowship.)

S.H. & C.H. (2013) Serving in the Middle East with a non-profit while engaging in Bible translation and outreach.. (Adopted by the Homebuilders class.)

Kermit & Cheryl H. (1987) Serving in France with Greenhouse in Paris with a focus on the evangelism of French in a culturally relevant manner.

Rob & Laurie Kopf (1992) Promoting revival with Life Action Ministries (incl. the radio ministry “Revive our Hearts”) and overseeing their materials warehouse. The Kopf’s reside in Michigan

Burke & Kristin Lewis (2014) Directing the evangelism and discipleship efforts of Cru at OU here in Norman.

Zac & Jennifer Malthaner (2013) Church planting with an emphasis on evangelism and discipleship in Puebla, Mexico with Camino Global.

Shawn & Kelly McGrath (2004) Providing leadership to Cru’s campus ministries in OK, TX, AR, and LA. The McGrath’s live near Austin, TX.

Kat Moy (2012) Previously serving with Pioneers in Eastern Europe, now coaching their future missionaries in Florida. Pioneers. (Adopted by the Connections class.)

Chris & Anna Pratt (2001) Living in Orlando, FL and providing leadership for Cru, including the “Destino project” which seeks to mobilize Latinos for missions. (Adopted by the GIFT class.)

Chase & Julie Russell (2009) Helping to reach inner-city and street children in Managua, Nicaragua with One by One. The Russell’s reside in Norman.

Talis Talbergs (1993) Founder and director of Latvian Christian Radio (LKR).

J.W. & A.W. (2008) Leading an effort to start a campus ministry in East Asia with Cru.  Previously, they directed Cru’s work on the college campuses of a major Midwestern city.

A.C. (2015) Evangelizing and discipling university students in East Asia with Cru. (Adopted by the GIFT class.)

Chris & Laurie Goree (2015) Leaders for InterVarsity’s multi-ethnic chapter at OU, as well as regional directors for InterVarsity.

Elle Mann (2016) Leader for InterVarsity’s international chapter at OU.