Date: November 16, 2018

Time: 11/16 10PM – 11/17 7AM

Grades: 6th-8th

Location: Elevation Moore, Blazers Ice Center, Wildwood Community Church (Inflatables, Video games, Movies, & MORE)

Price: $45


Why do we always say “goodnight?” don’t you ever feel like having a Greatnight? Well, here is your chance! Join us for the greatest night of your life, GREATNIGHT! We will be meeting at Wildwood at 10pm and parents can pick up at 7am the following morning. First we play broomball at Blazers, then we’re off to Elevation trampoline park to jump around and then back to Wildwood for pizza, games, inflatables and craziness. Here are some answers to some common questions below:

What time does Greatnight start and end?
Greatnight begins at 10pm (Friday) and it ends 7am (Saturday). We want you there on time for both!

Where do my parents drop me off and pick me up?
All parents will drop their students off at the front of Wildwood Community Church located at 1501 24th Ave NE Norman, OK 73071 and pick them up at Wildwood’s back entrance.

What if I can’t afford $45 for Greatnight?
We have a few scholarships available! Don’t let money stop you from coming or from inviting a friend. We ask that everyone pay half, but we have a scholarship application for those who can’t afford to pay the total registration cost. Apply for scholarships in-person with Chris Frakes, the Middle School Minister.

What does the schedule of the night look like?

10pm Check-in/Overview
10:30pm Blazers Ice Center (Skating and Broomball)
12:30AM Elevation
3:00 Wildwood Party (Inflatables, food, movies, 9-Square)
7:00 Pick-up/Pass out

What will we be doing at Blazers Ice Center?
You should check out their facilities and location here. While we are at Blazers we will be ice skating and playing broomball! Broomball is a high energy and fast paced game. Each person will get placed on a team and you will get a helmet and a rubber paddle. You leave your shoes on and run out onto the ice trying to do your best Mighty Ducks impression as you go for the goal. Can’t picture it? Check this ridiculous video explanation out and ignore the details at the end.

What will we be doing at Elevation Trampoline Park?
You will be so tired after broomball, but the night doesn’t end at Blazers! At Elevation Trampoline Park we will have the entire facility to ourselves. You can go dunk on the basketball goals, jump into the foam pit, play dodgeball (competitive and recreation), or just simply jump around doing tricks! There is a ton to do during our time at Elevation!

What will we be doing at Wildwood?
After broomball and Elevation Trampoline Park you will be tired and need a quick recharge, so we will have New York Pizza, sodas, and waters available right when we get to the church. Once you are done recharging, we will have a bunch of different activities offered:

9-Square – Gaga
Inflatables in the Wildwood Gym
Movie Room – Video games – FOOD – Karaoke

What do I need to bring with me?
Everyone should bring a jacket (even if it’s warm outside you will need it for Blazers) and a massive amount of energy (NO ENERGY DRINKS). Make sure to bring a canned good, socks, or toiletries to be donated to local outreaches. We want to ensure others are blessed by our Greatnight too!

What grades are able to come to Greatnight?
6th grade through 8th grade! If you are in middle school, then come have a Greatnight with us!

Can I bring a friend who doesn’t come to Wildwood?
YES! We actually encourage you to bring a friend who has never come to Wildwood or any church! This year there will be a special VIP Room and each guest will be receiving a prize pack to take home with them at the end of the night.

What if I get really tired? Can I sleep somewhere?
Inevitably we will have a handful of people fall asleep during our time at Wildwood. Our movie room slowly turns into the sleeping room for some, but there will be close supervision so none of that cuddling madness happens!

If I get really tired can my parents come pick me up?
Parents are welcome to pick up their student at any point during the night. The cost is the same for all students though, eg. your student wants to go to broomball and Elevation, but needs to get some rest for some Saturday morning activities, then pick them up at around 4am at the church! If they can only make it to a certain chunk of the night, that is fine but the pickup needs to be arranged before Greatnight and the parent needs to find Chris or Jonathan when they come to pick them up.

Will there be adult supervision?
YES! We will have the proper ratio of adults to students at all times. We offer our adults/leaders to volunteer for the whole night or in one of the two shifts. We will have many leaders who stay through the entire night. Speaking of that, do you want to volunteer?

When should I register?
Yesterday! The earlier you signup the more free stuff you get! The first 50 to register get a FREE GREATNIGHT SHIRT at checkin on the night of Greatnight! Even if you didn’t make it into the FIRST 50, signup early to reserve your spot today!

After I filled out the online registration form and paid, what else do I need to do?
Fill out our online waiver! Make sure you visit the Elevation Moore website to fill out their waiver!