Any fisherman knows that you are limited when you stay on the dock, waiting for a fish to swim by. It helps if you can get into a boat and go where they are concentrated.  Each year Wildwood plans several short-term missions trips to help individuals and families become more effective “fishers of men.”

SHORT TERM TRIPS- Participants of church-sponsored short term teams should:

  1. Submit a short term missions application to the team leader  (PDF format)  (online format)
  2. Sign and return a release of liability form to the team leader
  3. If you need additional information, please contact us.

MID TERM TRIPS- Regular Wildwood attenders who are interested in longer outreach projects are encouraged to contact the GO team so that the church may accompany them more closely. Participants of trips lasting up to a year may submit a Mid-term Missions application.

LONG TERM TRIPS- For long-term missions service, please contact the GO team directly.



June 5-17, 2017 – Latvia –  Leader:  Bruce Hess.  Ministering to Latvian orphans through a camp coordinated by our partner ministry, Talsi Christian School. Trip includes an orientation to Latvia itself, which was previously dominated by both Nazis and Soviets, as well as exposure to other Christian ministries. Many of the children speak English, but translators will also be available.

Approximate cost: $2200-2400.

Open to adults and high school students. Applications due March 1. (Space: 15)

For more information, CLICK HERE.


High School

Date:  July 8-15 – Nicaragua – Leader:  Jonathan Holmes. Partnering with One-by-One to reach Nicaraguan children and youth with gospel.

Approximate cost: $1500 per person

Open to students completed 9th grade. (Space available: 15)

For more information, visit wildwoodchurch.org/nica.


Date July 22-28 – Camp Barnabas (Missouri) – Leader: Jonathan Holmes.

Approximate cost: $225.

Open to students ages 14 & up. (Space available: 28)

More information coming soon.