Dates: February 22-24, 2019

Ages: 6th-12th

Location: Norman (Wildwood Community Church & Host Homes)

Price: $70 EARLY BIRD PRICE $65



What is DNow?
DNow is an abbreviation for Disciple Now. In its simplest form, a Disciple Now Weekend is a weekend retreat for the Student Ministry. Some retreat weekends are all about getting away and hanging out (which isn’t bad), but Dnow puts a high priority on discipleship. There are large group gatherings where a speaker will move through the weekend’s theme as he interacts with Scripture. And there are small group gatherings at Host Homes where students go deeper and discuss with their peers and leader how the lesson plays out in their lives. Dnow weekend is a focused time of spiritual formation where we remove ourselves from many distractions and re-rhythm our lives around following Jesus.

Why do we have a DNow at Wildwood?
Wildwood Student Ministry exists to connect students to Jesus and to His people. We believe that a Dnow weekend helps us accomplish this purpose.

What happens at DNow?
A lot. We like to say that DNow is like Camp crammed into a weekend. Here is a sample schedule of what the weekend might look like:



Meet at Host Homes


Doors open at Wildwood


Evening Worship Service starts


Head to Host Homes


First Home Group Meeting


Evening snack/hangout time


Lights Out




Breakfast in Host Homes


Home Group meeting


Morning Worship Service
*Doors open at 10:00


Lunch in assigned room at the church
*Home Group meeting over lunch with assigned partner House


Meet in Gathering Hall for directions



Leave to go home to clean up for evening worship time


Dinner at Church


Evening Worship Service


Evening activity


Go to Host Home


Home Group meeting


Lights Out




*Everyone wear their Dnow shirts for Sunday morning


Breakfast at the church
*Place all luggage in gym under appropriate markers
*Group pictures to be taken during this time as well


Final reflection service (weekend highlight video)


Dismiss to second service

Who will be doing the teaching at Dnow?
Small Groups will meet 4 times over the weekend and will be led by a college student who is active at Wildwood and a WSM adult leader. These leaders will be trained by Jonathan on Wednesday evening over the curriculum, Wildwood’s policies and procedures, and every leader completes a background check.

Who will be leading the music at Dnow?
The Brandon Lovelace Band with years of experience leading worship.

Where will my student be spending the night?
A Wildwood Host Home. Host Homes are homes from Wildwood member who partner with WSM by hosting one of the small groups for the weekend. Each small group is broken up by grade and gender. The leader and students will meet in the HH for small group Bible studies, breakfast, and some free time.

I would love to send my student to Dnow, but there is no way I can afford the $70. Are there any scholarships?
Yes! Our goal is that every student, who has an interest in going, is able to attend Dnow weekend. Scholarships don’t look the same for every family, so we have many partial scholarships and a few 90% scholarships available. If you’re student is wanting to attend Dnow and needs a scholarship it is vital for you to signup early and to email jholmes@wildwoodchurch.org. Late scholarships are VERY hard to find!

My student has food allergies, are you prepared to handle this?
Yes! The most common is celiac disease and we will ensure that every student does not go hungry. The hardest will be for snacks through out the day, so it would be wise to pack your student a few appropriate snacks to cover them through the weekend.

My student has (insert activity here) on (insert date here) can they still come to the rest of the weekend?
Yes! We understand that no weekend is a good weekend. WSM tries to schedule around major school and community events, but inevitably there is always that one. There is a place to enter the time and details for when your student needs to be away on the online form.

My student can’t come for the weekend, can he/she still attend Sunday morning services?
Yes! We will have Student Leadership Team members making sure that every guest or student who does not attend Dnow weekend feels welcome and connected to WSM. They will even get to enjoy a free breakfast. Double win!

I didn’t see that I had to signup for the weekend by the 18th. Is there anyway I can still register?
It is extremely important that you sign your student up by February 18th for the WSM staff and volunteer team to organize the weekend and adequately prepare. It is so sad to turn students away from an incredible weekend, but inevitably it occurs every year. Please be diligent and register early.

How do I stay in touch with WSM through the weekend?
There are many ways that you can stay in touch with us through the weekend! The two most popular ways are liking us on Facebook here and watch as you see pictures of your student pop up on your newsfeed! The second is finding the WSM Instagram page by searching “wildwoodstudentministry” as the user tag. After Dnow weekend the recap video will be uploaded to YouTube and will be on our website.

Do you need any help to pull off the weekend?
There are plenty of different ways to serve at Dnow weekend. Two large volunteer roles for the weekend are being a Host Home and a Co-Host. A Host Home is someone who opens their home for the weekend and the students stay there on both Friday night and Saturday night. A Co-Host is someone who doesn’t have their home available for the weekend, but they can help transport and serve at someone else’s during the daytime. If you are interested in serving at Dnow please contact Jonathan Holmes to confirm what we need.

How do I get in contact with the WSM staff?
The best way to reach us is by email, jholmes@wildwoodchurch.org. You can also call  our offices at 405-329-3939.