• Dates: July 10- July 14, 2019
  • Ages: Students finishing 6-12th grade
  • Location: Lake Lavon Christian Camp and Conference Center in Texas
  • Price: $300 ($50 non-refundable deposit due at registration)
  • Registration begins on April 10th and ends on June 30th



What is CAMP?

WSM Summer CAMP is for graduated 6th-12th graders. Not just a week of mere fun in the sun, WSM CAMP integrates a week of personal/group Bible study, worship, recreation and relaxation with friends. This week is designed to allow your student to enjoy time with friends doing crazy activities, while also growing in their knowledge and love of God.

Where is CAMP?

Lake Lavon Camp and Conference Center in Princeton, TX is hosting Wildwood’s Student CAMP this Summer! If you want to find out more about their incredible facilities click the picture below!

Why do we have a CAMP at Wildwood?

Wildwood Student Ministry exists to connect students to Jesus and to each other. We believe that CAMP helps us accomplish this purpose.

What happens at CAMP?

So much! It really is a busy week, but if you are looking for a sample schedule (like last years) then you can download one HERE. Please note that this schedule is not final and WILL change!


Who will be doing the teaching at CAMP?

Chris Frakes, our former Middle School Minister, will join us as our speaker at CAMP 2019! We are very excited to see Chris lead us through Scripture as we seek to get a deeper understanding of who God is.

Small Groups will meet a couple times everyday and will be led by a WSM volunteer leader. These leaders will be trained by the staff over the curriculum for the week and every student will receive a CAMP Student Devo.

Rec Teams are another opportunity to be encouraged and built up during your time at CAMP. They don’t have curriculum, but inevitably a bond is shared in these teams that helps build community even after CAMP.

Who will be leading the music at CAMP?

The Revenant is a modern worship band from Dallas, TX that is made up of followers of Jesus who have been radically saved by grace. Beginning as a student ministry in a public high school in Portland, Oregon, the band longs to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ reach their generation in a real and authentic way.

Where will my student be sleeping?

Cabins. Each cabin sleeps 8-44 people in bunk beds with a meeting room and a large bathroom. The rooms in the cabins will be split up into grades and genders with each group having, at the very least, one adult as their cabin leader.

There is no way I can afford the cost of CAMP. Are there any scholarships?

Yes! Our goal is that every student, who has an interest in going, is able to attend CAMP. Scholarships don’t look the same for every family, so we have many partial scholarships and very few full scholarships available. If you’re student is wanting to attend CAMP and needs a scholarship it is vital for you to signup early and to fill out our online scholarship application. You can find the scholarship form HERE.

My student has food allergies, are you prepared to handle this?

Yes! The most common is celiac disease and we will ensure that every student does not go hungry. The hardest will be for snacks through out the day, so it might be wise to pack your student a few appropriate snacks to cover them through the week. The students are not allowed to eat in their cabins, but many of the conjoined meeting rooms have a small kitchen.

I didn’t see that I had to signup for the weekend by 6/30th. Is there anyway I can still register?

It is extremely important that you sign your student up by Sunday June 30th for the WSM staff and volunteer team to organize the weekend and adequately prepare. It is so sad to turn students away from an incredible week at CAMP, but inevitably it will occur every year. Please be diligent and register early.

How do I stay in touch with WSM and my student while they are at CAMP?

There are many ways that you can stay in touch with us through the week! The two most popular ways are liking us on Facebook here and watch as you see pictures of your student pop up on your newsfeed! The second is finding the WSM Instagram page by searching “WSMstudents” as the user tag.

Do you need any help to pull off the weekend?

There are plenty of different ways to serve at CAMP. Two large volunteer roles for the weekend are helping with checkin on Saturday morning and being a volunteer leader at CAMP. We have an additional need this year for a CAMP Nurse. The nurse will have be paid and will have separate sleeping quarters away from the students. If you are or know a nurse, then please reach out to them and let them know about this opportunity to partner with WSM.

If you are interested in serving at CAMP please contact Jonathan Holmes to confirm what we need.

You answered a lot of my questions, but I still have more how do I contact you?

The best way to reach us is by email, jholmes@wildwoodchurch.org. You can also call  our offices at 405-329-3939.